LAZSER DOWN, the patent pending Down Marker and Chain System, is for football coaches, players, game officials, and fans who expect technology to improve the game day experience.

LAZSER DOWN will accomplish this by providing real-time down and distance information that is digitally displayed on the field down marker and synchronized with the stadium scoreboard. This instant information will improve the game day strategy of coaches and players. It will improve the on-field administration of the game by officials (hey, we can always use that, right?) Finally, it will improve the in-stadium experience of the fans by offering them a more interactive experience. Unlike the present system, the patent pending LAZSER DOWN technology provides instant, precise, and objective information on a superior digital display that is more durable and safer for participants.

It is attractive to sit at home with HDTV’s…That makes for a great experience. But it’s terrific to be in our stadiums. And we have to bring technology to our stadiums and make that experience better.”
Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the National Football League